Friday, January 1, 2010

The Chef

I hope everyone had a Christmas as fabulous as ours.  I am still decompressing from the constant stream of visitors we entertained this year.  So much fun!  I have new recipes to share, and two new cookbooks to review, but it will take me a few more days to get back into the blogging mood.  I just want to enjoy as much family time as possible right now.

As you can see, Little Man got his own kitchen for Christmas.  He loves it!  He cooks at it every day.  I think it is increasing his interest in trying out new foods.  That's my hope.

I recently started a meta-blog that links back here for recipes, but branches out into other areas of our life such as crafting and parenting.  If you are interested in following our family journey, please come visit us at Eagle Loft.


  1. what a fab kitchen! i AM going to get one for my little mans birthday, my hubby insisted we get him a toolbench instead for Christma and he uses it as......a kitchen! hehe

  2. Haha! Our kitchen was a great investment. Little Man still plays with it every day. And as I hoped, it also has encouraged him to be more adventurous with his food choices. Cauliflower and corn are recent additions to his plate due to his matching play food.